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  • Osteopathy (50-70 minutes): €92 

  • Children's osteopathy (30-70 minutes): €46 - €92

  • Manual Ththerapy (25 minutes): €37.50*

  • Physiotherapy (20 minutes): €31.50*

  • Classic massage (15 minutes): €23*

*Price list for physiotherapy according to GebüTH physiotherapy for privately insured people (based on the factor 1.3 until 1.4 the currently valid rate of the statutory health insurance companies).

The entire list of billable services would go beyond the scope here, so these are just the typical examples. If you have any questions about other services (e.g. manual lymphatic drainage), please contact me.

The numerous private health insurance tariffs differ considerably in the scope of services.

Therefore, the patient must clarify the reimbursement themselves with their own health insurance before the first treatment. 

It is possible to bill osteopathy via the fee schedule for alternative practitioners (GebüH) or according to a doctor's prescription.

Some statutory health insurance companies now also partially cover the costs of osteopathy. You can find out whether yours is included on .

I would be happy to discuss further questions about billing with you personally.

Appointments by arrangement

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